Isobel Gibson

Isobel Gibson

Isobel was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, won an art award at the age of 12, studied art in High School, and decided to take a few are courses at Queens University.  Subsequently marrying Grant, a B.C. guy, she spent many years in North Vancouver during child-raising years. During that time one of her hobbies was watercolour painting, so she volunteered in arts associations, and participated in many courses from the Federation of Canadian Artists.  Retiring with her husband to Sechelt in 1997, Isobel found the Gibsons School of the Arts, volunteered for them, and took summer workshops each summer.  Shortly after, although with no formal training, she decided to share her painting knowledge and set up a series of watercolour lessons which evolved into “drop-in” sessions to paint in any medium, which continued until the pandemic interfered.

Isobel was an original member of the co-operative, Coastal Art Gallery, and remained a member of its board until retiring recently. Isobel loves the effects that watercolour paint can deliver, especially the glow that comes off the paper with transparent paint.  There is also the possibility of the paint “doing its own thing”, creating some different effects and surprises.  The play between light and dark in sunlight and shadows, including reflective light, interests Isobel greatly. Although most of her paintings are done with sun and shadows with a variety of subjects, sunsets remain a favourite theme. 

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