Hilloree Heselgrave

Hilloree is a Vancouver born, self-taught abstract artist.  Having retired to BC’s Sunshine Coast she now enjoys exploring her creativity through a variety of platforms including abstract painting, wire art, papier-mâché, and pebble art.
Her love of colour plays a key role in Hilloree’s paintings, reflecting her exuberant personality and happy nature. Her lighthearted sense of humour is readily evident in her satirical wire art characters and papier-mâché personalities, each a one-of-a-kind original she hopes you will cherish just as she does herself.

A peek at what’s on offer at Coastal Art Gallery! Commissions graciously accepted.
Canonball! C$35
Dance Me To The Moon C$40
Besties C$30
New Beginnings C$35
When Dragons Fly C$30
She’s Just Not That Into You C$30 (unframed)
You’re So Tweet! C$40
The Angry Beast Who’s Lost His Head   C$45
Hockey Night In Canada   C$35
Howard T. Hog   C$35
Piggly Wiggly   C$25
The Dirty Rat   C$25
Legs   C$45
Sittin’ Kitten   C$30


This Bun Is Done   C$40
The Ugly Duckling   C$35
Stretch   C$30
Oh, Yes! I Do!   C$50
Calm On   C$25
Scaredy Cat   C$35
Angels Among Us   C$50
Sawwiingg, Batta Batta!   C$45
Let’s Dance   C$35
Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner   C$45
Team Player   C$40
Skip To My Lou   C$35
A Pirate’s Lullabye   C$45
Mother & Child?   C$50
No Love Here! C$35
Fore! C$35
Did You Say Walk? C$30
I’m Ready, Let’s Go! C$35
Kiss Me, Baby! C$30
Don’t Gimme No Lip! C$30


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